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Welcome to the official home page of Wayne's Portable Toilets and Septic Tank Service in Scottsboro, Alabama.


Few things are as important to most Americans as the use of a clean restroom. Most people take them for granted, until they are without one.

But as soon as they spend time in an ill equipped or unserviced toilet, they remember everything about it.

We Keep It Clean

We don't just rent you a toilet.
Wayne's Portable Toilets

We take the time to discover how busy the toilet at your site will be, to know where it will be used and what to expect from your particular situation.

If your demand is high, we may recommend more than one unit because we don't ever want you to be embarrassed or frustrated by less than stellar service.

Over the years, we have built a reputation for clean units, punctual service and a professional style of business.

We respond to septic tank emergencies

Call us when you have a septic tank emergency.

Fully Insured

We have it all. We have over $2 million in insurance coverage.

We have complete worker's compensation coverage.

We provide whatever documentation you need to satisfy your job site requirements.

Wayne's Portable Toilets

Chevy Trucj

Small enough to know you and large enough to get the job done.